Hello everybody!

Welcome in the JerryLabs Games News. This is our first post! Just playing with the new website. Looking for a bright future…

Soon you will be able to find the new print-to-play electronically available board game. The Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus card game. It’s a competetive rpg dungeon crawler reality show simulator sci-fi dystopian black humor survival. It has plenty of humours!

The prototype of Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus is also a Winner of Czech Board Games authors’ competition 2018. The goal of the game is to became a human.

Battle for humanity

Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus is name of the sci-fi reality show from distant future where outcasts and conscious unwanted creatures are fightning for the freedom and rights to live as humans.

Meet the heroes

We will present the characters of this year grande finale of the Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus show where you will decide who survives and who wins!