28. 3. 2020

(S) Witcher – review

I remember the time when I realized my computer is just old. I have counted the years and then I realized I have this machine for more than 10 years! I freshly moved from my university student apartments to rented flat and I put this thing together by my bare hands 😊 Oh, what a […]

23. 3. 2020

Viticulture – review

For my wife’s birthday I have obtained the ideal present of her. Viticulture is great combination of board game and wine theme. You can play the game, grow grapes, produce and sell wine in it and if you combine with reasonable wine drinking you have the best solution for romantic evening. My dear friend recommended […]

9. 3. 2020

Hello everybody!

Welcome in the JerryLabs Games News. This is our first post! Just playing with the new website. Looking for a bright future… Soon you will be able to find the new print-to-play electronically available board game. The Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus card game. It’s a competetive rpg dungeon crawler reality show simulator sci-fi dystopian black […]